Meet Jaclyn Genovese. This impressive young woman owns her own fashion boutique and also dabbles in music, mainly singing.  Not only does she have an incredible sense of style and knowledge of what brands we should all be on the look out for but she also does the admiral duty of fostering pets and helping them get a permanent home.

    Tell us a little about your day to day life?
    My passions include animals, classical singing and fashion! This is what my days are usually revolved around. I wake up in the morning, feed my cat Julie and dog Gunther. Then I take my dog to the park, go to my shop jacflash (At Queen St. West and Ossington) where I feed and take care of the foster cats I have that week. I volunteer at the Upper Credit Humane Society in Erin Ontario. I am then in my store from about 10:30-8:30 everyday. I come home and usually go for dinner at my boyfriends sushi restaurant Kanji down the street. I then come home, watch a movie, sing and play the guitar or read a book. (My days are not as exciting as one would think!)

    What is your favorite outlet for clothes?

    My clothing store jacflash! I mainly find my fashion inspiration from street style and blogs.

    Your house is burning down, you are going back in. What from your wardrobe do you grab?

    I would grab heirloom jewelry from my Mother and Grandmothers. In particular, Grandma Lynne’s coin ring. All the women in my family had copies made when she passed away.
    Jaclyn’s outfit: Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell, Dress by One Teaspoon, Necklace by Low Luv. All available at jacflash.
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